Northern Alberta

Arashi Do Martial Arts welcomes world-renowned 8th degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Red & Black Belt Mestre Sylvio Behring to Edmonton for the semi-annual Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Student Symposium.

This world-class weekend event will feature several Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminars, belt gradings, stripe tests, the Progressive System,  a photo and autograph session and belt signing opportunities with this amazing martial artist. This event is open to “Arashi-Do  Behring Jiu Jitsu” members only.


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Friday April 24, 2020 at the South Edmonton Dojo #116 1803 91 street SW

6:00pm – 9:00pm    >   Adult Current Colour Belts Grading for Stripes and Belts (Blue Belt and above)

Saturday April 25, 2020 – (at the South Edmonton Dojo #116 1803 91 street SW)

8:30am – 9:30am    >  Mini Monkeys Seminar for all students 4-7 years old ($30 Fee)

9:30am – 10:45am    >   All current Junior White Belts (8-10 years old) testing for stripes & belts

10:45am – 11:45am >   Junior Seminar for All Belt Levels (8-10 years old)

11:45am – 1:00pm   >   Current Junior Grey Belts & Yellow Belts (8-10 years old) testing for both stripes & belts

1:00pm – 1:30pm   >   LUNCH BREAK

1:30pm – 2:45pm   >   Current Junior White Belts & Grey Belts (11-15 years old) testing for both stripes & belts

2:45pm – 3:45pm      > Junior Seminar for all belt levels (11-15 years old)

3:45pm – 5:00pm     >   Current Junior Yellow, Orange & Green Belts (11-15 years old) testing for stripes & belts

Sunday April 26, 2020 – (at the NEW SOUTH DOJO #116 1803 91 street SW)

9:00am – 10:00am     >   Adult White Belt Testing for 1st and 2nd Stripe

10:00am – 11:00am     >  Adult White Belt Testing for 3rd & 4th stripe

11:00am – 12:30pm      >   Adult Blue Belt Test (Adults Testing to Earn Blue Belt)

12:30pm – 1:00pm       >   LUNCH BREAK

1:00pm – 3:00pm        >  Adult Jiu Jitsu Seminar for All Belt Levels

3:00pm – 4:00pm        > Adult Colour Belt Seminar

4:00pm – 5:00pm         > Women and Teen Girls Seminar



The following price is for the Student Symposium and does not include belt promotion fees. All fees must be paid in advance to your instructor at your Arashi Do Location before the last Thursday before the weekend symposium.

Adult Jiu Jitsu –  $100
Youth Jiu Jitsu – $60
Mini Monkeys Seminar – $30

***Attention*** New online registration system go to this link.

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Arashi-Do Behring Jiu Jitsu Symposium Tips

Personal Hygiene

  • Maintain a clean uniform and clean body at EVERY class (we recommend a soap called “Defense”)
  • Trim fingernails and toenails
  • Long hair should be secured
  • No jewelry or piercings. If it cannot be removed, it must be very securely taped
  • Cuts or open abrasions must be fully covered and taped; any blood on your uniform must be treated with alcohol or other antiseptic
  • Do not train if you have any type of contagion (flu, staph, ringworm etc.)

Training time

  • Address the instructor by their appropriate title (Professor, Sensei, etc) followed by their first name (eg. Professor John. Kyoshi Mike, Kyoshi Gary). Master Sylvio Behring is the exception as he is referred to by his surname, Master Behring.
  • Most classes begin and end with a formal line up with the Black Belts in the front facing the students in order of belt and stripe rank. Students line up from lowest rank in the back to highest rank in front. In cases where two have the same rank, the line goes by seniority. Typically, students bow to each other at the beginning and ending of class.
  • When a belt comes untied during training, find an appropriate location to tie your belt while facing away from senior instructors.
  • No talking when the instructor is addressing the class and remember to stand with your hands on your belt. If you are seated, remember to sit in the “scoot” position, cross legged or on your knees.
  • Questions or requests to repeat a technique are not only allowed, but encouraged.
  • When switching partners between sparring matches always bow and shake hands with your partner before you move to a new partner. It is considered polite for the lower ranks to move to the higher ranks, allowing the higher ranks to remain in the same location.
  • No videotaping of seminars or belt tests allowed. Photographs can be taken during presentations of belts and stripes.

Mutual Benefit and Welfare

We put our physical health in each other’s hands in every class. That is why we need to build a team or family mentality. Our goal must be to help our club and team become better and to support our teammates in their learning and competition. There is for the good of everyone because the better our team is, and the more cooperatively we train, the better everyone will become. Arashi-Do Behring Jiu Jitsu. OSSSS

Please pick up a Jiu Jitsu etiquette sheet from your instructor. Please ensure that you and your gi is freshly washed and that you are wearing your formal WHITE Arashi-Do Behring Gi and that you follow all the etiquette rules.

See you there!